Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Plant Life Abounds

Desert plants are beautiful, even without blooms, especially with the beautiful blue sky in the background.

[Pictures by Snookie Quinn:  The Quinn's Awesome Journey]

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Random Shots

After church today, there was a fellowship in the Community Center.

The dove is patiently waiting for the quail to move from the feeder. Notice the Cholla cactus in the background. Speaking of the Cholla, this one is showing off it's blooms in the sunshine.

This pictures looks rather tranquil, but in reality this quail is probably thinking, "The water here was much cooler earlier this morning!"

A new star... a very small cactus with very small flowers.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gambrel Quail in the Cactus Garden

[By clicking on the image, you should be allowed to see a larger view.]

Friday, April 17, 2009

Gambrel Quail Chicks

They are so elusive, but I finally got a picture of a few quail chicks this morning. They are tiny and barely visible in the sand of the cactus garden.
The Trichocereus was still open this morning. It made it's appearance yesterday.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last Gospel Jam of the Season

Due to so many leaving for the season, the Gospel Jam Session crowd was down to about one third the normal size. It was a great session, though, and enjoyed by all in attendance.Thelma, Donna and Dorie Trio.
We had the pleasure of enjoying a visiting fiddle player.
G.H. played his accordion and sang.
Dennis adds his harmonica to the jam sessions and does a great job. He can play anything and beautifully.
Don plays his guitar and sings.
Thumper plays the bass guitar and also sings.
After each person on stage has had their turn at the mic, there's a break for fifteen minutes and then the second half begins. Each one has the opportunity to sing and/or play two songs during each jam session. Here, Dorie belts out another gospel tune. She's been entertaining for a long time and currently goes to several local senior care centers to entertain. They love it when she comes to play and sing for them.
Virgil sings "Long Black Train."
During the fiddle players rendition of "Amazing Grace," Dorie asked everyone to stand and sing. Afterwards, while still standing we closed the jam session with "God Bless America."
We all look forward to the Fall and the return of the Wednesday Night Jam Sessions. Anyone who plays and instrument is welcome to participate.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunshine Again Today

Bicycling is a favorite at Sunscape and so is Dorie. You can see her playing her guitar and singing every Wednesday evening at the Jam Session in the Community Center at 7:00 PM. In the Oleander hedge row are light pink....
... rose pink and ...
... white flowers.
The Ocotillo in the swimming pool area is huge and beautiful.
Meet the Park Pet Roadrunner. If you feed him, he might just join you on your patio. You will recognize him by his slight limp.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Today could not have been a more beautifu day.

For those who chose, there was church service in the Community Center at 8:50 - 10:00 AM. A non-denominational service is held every Sunday morning, complete with choir. The chaplain is a resident from October 1 through the end of April and is available to all residents.

The Community Center.
The Club House with mailboxes on the right and the Community Center and swimming pool behind.Swimming pool area where residents and guests were enjoying the Arizona sun.The Welcome Center at the entrance.
Half of the mail boxes and the front of the Community Center.The other half of the mailboxes and the breezeway to the ice box and the water filter.The Activities Center.
A nesting dove built her nest in the Staghorn Cholla cactus in the Cactus Garden.
A Redheaded Cowboy prickly pear cactus.
As park residents begin to leave this winter haven, the park is a little quieter. The following are a few of the park models that are currently awaiting occupancy. You could be a happy occupant! To see all the available sites, just go to this official website and click on "classifieds" at the top of the official site.

RV's come in all styles and sizes. Even rose bushes flourish in this desert resort.